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Turtle Lake
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Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s vacationland, we’re everyone’s favorite getaway. Come out of your shell and experience an award-winning, family-friendly experience, live weekend entertainment and comfortable hotel accommodations. You’ll see why we’re northwest Wisconsin’s number one destination for gaming and entertainment. 

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We’re located 75 miles northeast of the St. Paul Metro area and 75 miles northwest of the Eau Claire, Wis. area.

turtle lake

Located about an hour east of I-35 in northwestern Wisconsin, Turtle Lake features our flagship hotel and a full suite of gaming options.


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About 30 minutes east of I-35 in northwestern Wisconsin (and about an hour north of Turtle Lake), Danbury is the place to go for comfortable, family-friendly accommodations, evening entertainment and, of course, excellent gaming.


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About 45 minutes north of Turtle Lake, this one-stop shop offers an RV Park, full-service truckers’ stop, gas and groceries, smoke shop and amphitheater.


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