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From slot swipes to outdoor concerts, there’s always something exciting happening at St. Croix Casino Hertel.

650x410 better with age web banner

Every Wednesday
9am - 6pm

Better with Age

650x410 10x multiplier website


10X Multiplier

650x410 birthday swipes web banner

During your birthday month

Birthday Swipes

650x410 mt hertels avalanche drawings web banner

Mondays in January | 2pm - 6pm

Mt Hertel's Avalanche Drawings

650x410 customer appreciation web banner

Tuesday, January 31 | Noon to 6pm

Customer Appreciation

650x410 snowball toss drawings web banner

Tuesdays in January | 2pm - 6pm

Snowball Toss Drawings

650x410 love and chocolate web banner

Sunday, February 12 | Noon - while supplies last

All You Need is Love and Chocolate

650x410 pick a chocolate drawings web banner

Thursdays in February | 4pm - 8pm

Pick a Chocolate Drawings

650x410 blowin winter away giveaway web banner

Every Friday in February | 6pm - 8pm

Blowin' Winter Away Giveaway

650x410 sweetheart swipes web banner

Saturdays in February | 10am - 8pm

Sweetheart Swipes

650x410 penguin plunge swipes web banner

Sundays in February | 10am - 8pm

Penguin Plunge Swipes

650x410 cupids arrow drawings web banner

Mondays in February | 2pm - 6pm

Cupid's Arrow Drawings

650x410 secret admirer drawings web banner

Tuesdays in February | 2pm - 6pm

Secret Admirer Drawings

650x410 earn it coke web banner

Everyday in February | 10am - while supplies last

Coca Cola Earn A Gift

625x410 ayce tacos website

11am - 8pm

All You Can Eat Tacos

650x410 wing it wednesday ayce website

11am - 8pm

Wing It Wednesday

625x410 meatball hoagie website

11am - 8pm

Meatball Hoagie

625x410 ayce fish fry website

11am – 8pm

AYCE Fish Fry

625x410 stir fry website

Thursday in February

Stir Fry

625x410 tbone steak website

Saturdays | 11am - 8pm

Steak Night