All-Day Dining
At its best

All-Day Dining
At its best

The smoke-free, family-friendly Me-Ki-Noc Restaurant offers a mouthwatering menu, featuring delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners all prepared by superb gourmet chefs. Along with its everyday menu, the Me-Ki-Noc also features daily and weekly dining specials.

Me-Ki-Noc Hours of Operation:

Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

Breakfast Menu Full Menu 

Kids Menu Dessert Menu

Holiday Buffet

The Me-Ki-Noc will close on Thanksgiving but the Holiday Buffet will be open 11am - close for $13.99.

Play and Eat

Sunday – Wednesday

Earn 25 points to receive a free meal of your choice – the Sunday Sirloin Steak Dinner special, the Monday Steak and Lobster special, a Tuesday Buffet or the Wednesday All-You-Can-Eat Wings special. Swipe for your Play and Eat coupon. Coupon must be used during the week it’s earned. 

Steak & Lobster


10:30am - 10pm

Steak and lobster every Monday for $12.99.

Earn 25 points to receive this special free. Vouchers print until 8:30pm.

All-You-Can-Eat Wings


10:30am - 10pm $7.99

Earn 25 points to receive this special free. Vouchers print until 8:30pm.

Prime Points
Prime Rib Special


10:30am - 10pm 

Earn 30 points to receive the 14 oz. Prime Rib free. Regular price $19.99. 
Kiosk tickets print until 9:30pm.

Note: the Me-Ki-Noc will be closed Thursday, November 28.
The TLC Buffet will be serving a special holiday buffet from 11am - 1pm.

Fish Fry


10:30am - 10pm $8.99

Friday Food Frenzy

Fridays in November

Guests earning 15 points will receive a $10 off food coupon. Offer valid Fridays at any food venue.

T-Bone Steak Special

Saturdays in November

Guests earning 35 points can swipe on the kiosk for a free T-Bone Dinner (regularly $24).