score players club perks


New Member Rewards

You’re eligible to earn points beginning on the day of your Players Club enrollment! 5 points = $5 in Turtle Bucks; 10 points = $10 Cash Back, and 20 points = $5 Off Food Purchase. Swipe at a promotional kiosk to receive these rewards!

Birthday Rewards

The Players Club makes every birthday better! Swipe once during your birthday month to receive $10 in Turtle Bucks. One point required on the day of your swipe.

Social Media Club

Join our mobile and email clubs for exclusive and last-minute drawings, giveaways, promotions and contests. And don't forget to like St. Croix Casino on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Email Rewards

Receive email rewards and promotions reserved exclusively for Players Club members. Be sure to update your email address at the St. Croix Perks booth!

Members-Only Giveaways

As a member of the Players Club, you have access to exclusive members-only giveaways and promotions. Sign up at the St. Croix Perks booth at the casino.